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Middle School

Middle School is a place of discovery of the world, the community and the self, and at LWA, students explore their interests and talents during these years. As they continue to learn skills and strategies across all disciplines which set them up for success as they progress through the grades.  Learning is personalized and each student is met at their entry point with our small class size.  Teachers are warm and nurturing and know each student very well.  

In addition to academics, we know that students need to be supported so that they are in a positive frame of mind to learn.  We focus on the social and emotional learning needs of our students with  daily wellness check-ins and activities that are designed to help adolescents to understand the emotional and social landscape of this time in their lives, our students navigate this important phase in their lives with a sense of belonging and purpose.

LWA is truly a global school. Each year, each class in the Lower School conducts an intense interdisciplinary study of a country. It culminates with the International Day during which students perform, in costume, the music and dance of the country studied. The gymnasium is transformed into a showcase of individual and class projects, a food court of international cuisine, and a place where students and families join in celebration of diversity and unity. At LWA, our community is truly at home with the world.
Students of all grades study Basic Mandarin learning language and about Chinese culture in fun and engaging ways.

Guided Reading is a designated class period where small-group instruction is conducted. Students are grouped together based upon their instructional level. The teacher assigns appropriate books/texts and work to support each reader’s development. Guided Reading enables students to read more challenging texts with assistance.

Students explore and have hands-on experiences while learning science, engineering, math and technology skills. They work on various projects which enable them to investigate, design and build.

Several times weekly, students participate in Visual Arts, Theater and Music gaining exposure in all three areas from our award winning Arts teachers.

Wellness: At the start of the day, students check in with their teacher/advisor and advisors check in on students. Students participate in the Move This World wellness program which incorporates strategies for students to check in on and regulate their emotions and to be ready for the day ahead. 

Community Meeting: Focus is on social and emotional learning. Students participate in the Harmony program where they engage in lessons and units of study around topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Empathy and Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving and Peer Relationships. 

Physical Education- Students learn about and engage in activities that promote wellness, movement and teamwork.

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