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A Message from the Head of School

Welcome to Lawrence Woodmere Academy!

Lawrence Woodmere Academy (LWA) is an independent school with more than a century of experience educating and enriching the lives of children and young adults who have gone on to the most prestigious universities in the world, with many proving themselves as great leaders and successful captains of industry.

Our school’s story and legacy began with the founding of Lawrence Country Day School in 1891 and Woodmere Academy in 1912. These esteemed institutions merged in 1990. The founders of Woodmere Academy adopted a motto of “Disce Servire” or “Learn to Serve.” After the merger, the motto of LWA was expanded to “Veritas, Integritas, Servitium” or “Truth, Integrity, Service.” Today, the Lawrence Woodmere Academy values, shape and celebrate students who are: Trustworthy, Innovative, Generous, Empathetic, and Respectful.

As a result, LWA is a warm and supportive environment where our students learn and discover their unique talents and aptitudes together. In the school’s recent past, our student body has become more diverse in every way, hailing from numerous neighborhoods across Long Island, New York City, and multiple countries abroad; therefore, it is no surprise that the Lawrence Woodmere Academy motto is: “At Home with the World.”

The metaphorical hearth of LWA is warmed by our kind-hearted and supportive teachers who leverage our low class size to give our students customized support and encouragement during countless engaging and enriching learning experiences. The confidence-nourishing ecosystem of LWA hones our students’ artistic talents (drama, vocal, visual, and instrumental), while cultivating all students to have an entrepreneurial mindset that solves real problems through the acquisition of specific Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Skills.

As an early college school, LWA Upper School Students may earn up to 30 college credits on a St. Francis College transcript, enhancing our student’s college readiness and marketability. Moreover, in terms of service and mentorship, our LWA Upper School Students have community service and mentorship experiences built into their school day. Our students actively learn to serve each day as we remind them of our five guidelines to success each morning: Listen – Be Prepared – Be Respectful – Be Committed – and Believe.

Although over 100 years have gone by since the founding of LWA, through our premier supportive and engaging Arts +STEM Entrepreneurship, Early College Programs, and hosts of elective courses, the culture of LWA remains true to its original motto of Truth, Integrity, and Service (Veritas, Integritas, Servitium). As a result, our LWA Tiger Students continue to learn to be comfortable, confident, and at home with the world, both during and beyond their time on our campus.


Hank Williams

Head of School