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LWA Athletics

LWA students who wish to compete as a student athlete will get the opportunity – anytime.

Girls Volleyball

Boys Soccer

Boys Basketball


Boys Volleyball


Ms. Yasmeen Ramos – Girls and Boys Varsity Volleyball and Cheer

Mr. David O’Keeffe – Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Soccer

Mr. Hank Williams – Boys Varsity Basketball

Mr. Dominique and Brandon Williams – Boys Varsity Basketball

Hank Williams – PSAA Coach of the Year

Hank Williams JR – Reg Season MVP

LWA Boys Basketball – West Division Champions

Hank Williams, Chris Williams, Isaiah Blunt, Ismael Matheu – All Conference Team Boys BB

Ellen Zwerling, Ciara Leathbury, and Caylon Carrion – All Conference Team Girls VB

Kyler Gonzalez and Rene Floreville – All Conference Team Boys Soccer

Daniel Rodriguez, Connor Waite, CJ Agwai – All Conference Team Boys VB

Upper School Sports

In the Upper School, LWA athletics becomes more of a competitive nature while providing students with the opportunity to further their self-confidence, better their lifestyle, and compete against other schools. For students who choose to compete athletically at LWA, our program allows them to gain experience and to learn the importance of sportsmanship and team play. Any student who does not want to participate in a team can gain the knowledge and experience through our physical education classes. At LWA we have a no-cut policy and all students will be accepted onto the team/sport of their choice. 

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