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A school that values parent partnership in their child’s education and a student-centered approach to learning, LWA emphasizes dialogue, discussion, demonstrable goal-setting and design-thinking planning for each student. With the support of their subject teachers, as well as their Advisors with whom they interact daily, students take the lead in their education. At various intervals in the school year, students revise or create goals and action plans based on their assessment of outcomes. Students learn to own their educational journey, and as such, their action plans become the focus of parent-student-advisor conferences each semester. Students lead these discussions, and in an informed and reflective manner, reinforce the parent-student-school partnership.
Students participate in activities, in and outside of the classroom, that bring to the fore their well-honed communication skills as they engage in civil discourse and respectful weighing of ideas and perspectives. LWA students are community minded as they volunteer in the school and wider communities. They are mentors to the younger students, deepening their academic experience and enriching the school as they model the importance of patience, commitment, and kindness.
As a school that honors and celebrates the whole child, LWA attracts students who are talented, creative, and committed to their craft. Our students do not have to choose between sports or arts ; they can spike on the co-ed volleyball team and design an album cover during art, shoot in basketball and sing in chorus, assist in pickleball and sing their hearts out during the spring musical. Whether they thrive on the stage or on the court, LWA offers every student the opportunity to step into the spotlight.
Always seeking opportunities to further enrich their experience, LWA students take an active role in designing their day. Through their own initiative, students have created a Podcasting Club and a Book Club, taken the reins on Yearbook Club and Cheer, and created a monthly assembly for middle-and upper-school students where students are celebrated for their academic, athletic, and civic contributions to our community.
Our diversity is our strength. Students from communities throughout Long Island, the NYC Metro area,, as well as from countries around the world, find a home in our 111-year old school. International Day and Cultural Heritage Day are the highlights of our year during which the entire LWA community comes together to discover, honor, and celebrate the cultural diversity that contributes to each student’s unique story.