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Global Scholar Certificate Program
As author Mark Gerzon notes in his book American Citizen, Global Citizen, the road to global citizenry is paved with opportunities to “open our eyes…open our minds…open our hearts…open our hands.” The LWA Global Scholar Certificate Program opens the doors to that journey. The Global Scholar Certificate Program is a selective program that complements the student’s Upper School course of study with a concentration in global literacies. The Global Scholar engages in globally-oriented explorations — both in and outside of the classroom — that cultivate the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to think and act globally. A distinctive characteristic of this program is its entrepreneurial approach: students design, plan, implement, reflect upon and mentor peers in their student-created project that enriches the school or local community. Student-centered and teacher-mentored, the Global Scholar experience gives students the tools, knowledge and open canvas to be architects of their global studies concentration. The Global Scholar designs a set of experiences from the four global competency spheres of learning: academic, cross-cultural, global citizenry and extracurricular activities. Reflective writings in a variety of media culminate in a Global Scholar Position Paper on a global, national or social issue which they present at the annual Global Scholar Symposium. The Global Scholar creates a distinctive and meaningful path that leads to the Global Scholar Certificate designation on the LWA diploma and transcript.

Students engage in a “deep dive” of a current issue in the world by learning about and implementing lateral reading of online information. A blended classroom approach, this Seminar is rooted in the guiding questions “What matters to me? How can I best understand its global impact? Why does it matter? Students engage in lessons and activities via  Stanford University’s Civic Online Reasoning online platform and engage in a semester-long project in examining how to best

How do media reflect and/or shape our view of the world? How can we discern what is fact and what is not? How do media outlets throughout the world convey a news event? Students will engage in a blended classroom approach to gaining  the skills, tools, and language to evaluate the meanings of mass communication messages. Through the Media Literacy Project’s Checkology students will engage in lessons and activities on this online platform and  in-class  analysis of how they consume and create media texts in order to be informed global citizens. Pre-requisite: Global Scholar Seminar

Global Scholars explore the concept and qualities of leadership and how leadership styles impact the world, nation, community and self. Guiding questions include:  What is a community? How do various leadership skills impact communities? Can different leadership styles work together and how? Students read Mark Gerzon’s American Citizen, Global Citizen as they engage in reflective writings and presentations addressing the question, “What is a global citizen?” Pre-requisite: Media Literacy

Students who have successfully completed the Global Leadership course design, plan, implement and reflect upon a program that they create for the school community. Examining leadership styles, how to be an effective mentor, and practicing effective communication skills is infused throughout the year’s readings and activities.  Pre-requisite: Global Leadership

This course is the capstone for students who have met the requirements of the Global Scholar Certificate. This culminating project is designed to demonstrate a student’s expertise on a globally significant issue. During the second semester, students research and then write their 10-page paper on a topic of global, national or local significance to them. Using the guidelines of MLA format, including an annotated bibliography, Global Scholars write a college-level paper. This culminates in a community presentation of their Senior Thesis at the LWA Global Scholar Symposium in the spring.

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