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Lawrence Woodmere Academy Board of Trustees

Executive Board

President: Adam Sheflin (Alumni)
Vice President: David Malanga (Parent)
Treasurer: Atul Sud (Parent)
Secretary: Brittany Edwards (Alumni)

Members at Large

Kimberly Breslauer
Aaron Cahn (Alumni)
Shari Findling (Alumni)
Everett Hopkins (Parent)
Robert Michelin (Alumni)
Willis Perry
Ella Schwartz
Head of School: Hank Williams*

Lawrence Woodmere Academy (LWA) Mission Statement

LWA teaches and motivates students to seek, discover, embrace, and apply knowledge while exploring their personal, artistic, and academic talents in order to engage in life with a culturally respectful, civically responsible, and innovative entrepreneurial spirit for success in higher education and the careers of an increasingly global society.

*Ex Officio, Non Voting Member