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The LWA admissions office has over 20 years of combined experience admitting and managing top-level students to top-tier academic institutions. Our goal is to impress upon all current families the tremendous appreciation we have for the students, families and staff working to continue the tradition of excellence at LWA. Through courtesy, professionalism and respect LWA admissions looks forward to propelling the school forward as we continue to seek new heights for our students and the school.

LWA Admissions FAQs

$75 for Domestic Applicants

$250 for International Applicants

One way to learn more about Lawrence Woodmere Academy is to set up a phone meeting with one of our admissions personnel.  Sessions are available Monday through Friday during school hours and provide families with one-on-one interaction with the LWA Admissions Team.  Call (516) 374-9000 or (516) 394-1827 for more information or email:

Please contact admissions to reserve a an appointment by emailing

3K-Grade 4 Applicants: 

  • Parent Dialogue
  • Student Play date
  •  School Records (if student has attended school prior)
  • Recommendation (if applicable)


Grades 5-12 Applicants: 

  • Parent Dialogue,
  • Student Visit Day
  • English Recommendation
  • Math Recommendation
  • School Records


In addition to the above requirements, all student applicants are required to submit a copy of their birth certificate.

  • Transcript from current school (with United States grade equivalent)
  •  Zoom Interview
  • 1 English Recommendation
  • 1 Math Recommendation
  • 1-2 Page Writing Sample
  • Standardized Test Scores (if applicable)

Lawrence Woodmere Academy offers financial aid to qualifying families with students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Our financial aid program is need-based, and grants are awarded to families of qualified admission candidates who demonstrate financial need.

Admissions decisions are separate from requests for financial aid. Any financial aid requests do not have a bearing on whether or not a student can matriculate at LWA.

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