Service Learning

To serve because they learn, to learn because they serve: that is the exquisite dynamic of LWA’s Service Learning Program. To develop the skills to be lifelong socially responsible citizens of the world involves deliberate and mindful engagement in the classroom, local, national and global communities.

Service Learning, the integration of doing, knowing, reflecting and communicating, is woven into the LWA students’ experiences from Preschool to senior year. LWA students cultivate their voices, values and vision for change in the local and wider communities as they:

  • Engage in meaningful outreach to others
  • Attain knowledge and insights through seminars, workshops and coursework to deepen their understanding of societal and global issues
  • Have time built into their days to reflect upon their service experiences
  • Develop research skills and rhetorical strategies to propose solutions to problems

Examples of our Service Learning program include:

  • Texting and Driving Project
  • Holocaust Oral Histories Project
  • Youth Services Opportunities Project (YSOP)
  • Global Concerns Classroom Workshops
  • Service Learning Trips