Summer Day

Fall 2020 LWA School Reopening Plan

LWA has developed a comprehensive plan, based on sound science and expert recommendations, to keep our community safe in our return to school this fall.

Home / Outside of School

  • Morning temperature checks reported through the secure Magnus Health Portal for all students and staff.
  • Training for the Magnus system will be shared with the entire LWA community prior to school opening.

Morning Drop-off & School Entry

Student drop-off will be located at the Library entrance only.

  • Students will remain in their vehicle until the marked drop-off spot is clear.
  • Students will then proceed to the tented health screening check.
    • Green Flag: Student is cleared for entry, and their parent / driver may depart.
    •  Red Flag: Student did not pass health screening and will not be allowed entry into the facility. Family will need to follow up with family medical professional.
  •  Students arriving at school without an available parent / driver that fail the health screening will be escorted to a segregated assessment / observation room until retrieved by parent / guardian. Students must be picked up within 60 minutes.

School Day Processes

  • Parents, guests, and deliveries will not be permitted during school hours.
  • Mask wearing will be enforced in all halls and common areas.
  • Hygiene:
    • Hygiene training will take place prior to opening by grade advisors, and will be reinforced during orientation.
    • Hand-washing will take place before arriving into and before leaving any classroom.
  • Classrooms:
    • Masks to be worn at all times. Supervised breaks will be allowed at teacher discretion.
    • All desks will be placed at a minimum of 6 feet apart.
    • Teachers will wear a mask and / or shield as dictated by the needs of the classroom.
    • All technology and learning materials will be personal to each student and not shared.
    • Outdoor tents are being erected for use by classes during the school day.
    • Chorus, Band, Physical Education & similar will take place outside, following distancing and safety best practices. No equipment sharing will be allowed.


In order to provide the safest environment for students and staff, LWA has adopted a very strict protocol for lunch and snacks at school. As a baseline to prevent widespread issues, there will be a moratorium on all shared meals  and cafeteria meals.

  • For this school year, students will be required to bring their own lunches to school.
  • Students will be required to wash their hand before and after lunch.
  • Lunch will take place at the student’s desks in the classroom, spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  • Trash will be removed from the classroom after lunch.
  • Upper school students may order in food, but are not allowed to leave campus.
  • Outdoor lunch will be possible (weather and tent space permitting). The same hygiene protocols will be followed as if eating indoors.


  • Each school division will depart through separate exits.
  • Select upper school students my have earlier dismissal to mitigate congestion during the departure process.
  • Lower School will depart via Lower School exit.
  • Middle School will depart via the main school exit.
  • Upper School will depart via the library exit.
  • Buses will cycle from Lower School exit, followed by main school exit, and finally the library exit.
  • Distancing and mask wearing will be strictly enforced during bus boarding process.
  • Private pickups will take place in the Hessel Hall parking lot or on Woodmere Boulevard.
  • Students departing by bike or walking may depart at their own discretion with parental consent.

Clubs, Sports, Trips, & After-School Care

  • School trips are suspended.
  • After-school campus programs will be suspended until further notice.
  • Athletic workouts & training will be managed and take place external to campus grounds, on a case by case basis.
  • Sport competitions against other schools are suspended.

Safety & State Compliance

LWA’s Nurse and / or staff will provide updates on the status of school operations, as well as any COVID-19 cases to the NYS & Federal Department of Health, as required by law. We will provide all information as needed to keep our community safe, including administering / helping with contact tracing.

LWA will provide regular status updates, as well as immediate communications as warranted to the school community.

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