Visual Arts Program

Visual art is an essential part of the LWA experience for all our students.

We nurture the individual artistic talents of our students with comprehensive fine arts programming, designed to support the active participation of students in all three divisions.

Our Lower School visual arts program starts at the Preschool level, where attention is given to the teaching of artistic principles such as line, color, shape, texture, pattern and composition. As students move through the Lower School, further attention is paid on the identification and discussion of master works of art.  

By Middle School, our students are introduced to many of the finest galleries in New York City through class trips.

Visual arts in the Upper School include 9th and 10th grade rotation, 10th Grade Studio Arts, 11th and 12th grade Advanced Studio Art, and AP Art for students preparing portfolios for art schools. Students who demonstrate outstanding ability are further supported with more intensive study.

There are also opportunities for students to display and have their work exhibited both at our school and at outside galleries. Student artwork and photography graces bulletin boards, display cases, classrooms, administrative offices, and the gardens across the campus.

Our students’ art work has also been featured at the Heckscher Museum and other prominent locations throughout Long Island. In addition, several students have been the winners and/or finalists in the Heckscher Museum’s “Long Island’s Best” art competition.