Drama & Music Programs

Our theater, dance, and music programs cover all aspects of the performing arts.

Productions and concerts take place in elegant Hessel Hall, a state-of-the-art facility that enables outstanding production values throughout the performing arts curriculum. These theatrical productions, which provide both technical theater training and acting opportunities, provide our students with incredible experiences that enrich the entire school community.

Music Program

Music education is an important part of the LWA experience, with opportunities for children to learn about music both inside and outside of the classroom

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Our music program begins in preschool, with our youngest students exploring vocal music. Outcomes which are sought from the Music Program in the Lower School include the ability to sing in tune, learn an instrument, gain music literacy, succeed in reading simple to more complex rhythmic and pitch notation, be capable of singing two-part music, practice in listening attentively and critically to music and appreciate varied musical styles from different cultures. As they progress through the Lower School, students also get involved in instrumental instruction and band.

The Middle School then introduces Concert Band and Jazz Band, and the Upper School music program includes a Wind Ensemble. Students can also participate in Chorus during both the Middle and Upper School years.

In the Upper School, music also moves into the classroom, with elective classes on the Fundamentals of Music Theory and AP Music Theory.

Participation in choral and instrumental groups, with all students required to study an instrument, further demonstrates our commitment to the value of performance.

Drama Program

A school with a robust drama program helps build well-rounded adults. It also sends its students off into the world with a comfort level performing on the big stage; be it an actual stage, a sports arena, or a Fortune 500 boardroom.

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Our students are encouraged to perform beginning in the Lower School.  By Middle School, many of them are participating in our annual full length musical and taking advantage of our proximity to Manhattan on class trips to see Broadway performances. Upper School students participate in drama classes through their Arts Rotation. They can then move on to more advanced courses such as Drama Workshop or Musical Theater Workshop. The Upper School presents both a play and a musical each year for the school community.

After the first year, students may choose one of several classes, including The Play’s the Thing, an advanced course, Drama Workshop, or Musical Theater Workshop. Students in these classes perform in one or more of the Upper School plays.