Middle School

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Middle School embraces and celebrates students in grades 5-8. The curriculum, faculty, and environment accommodate the realities of pre-adolescence.

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We believe that middle school students thrive in an atmosphere that balances independence and structure through activities and experiences that engage not only their intellectual curiosity, but also their physical, social, and emotional selves. Field trips, extracurricular activities, and service learning add further layers of educational experiences for our children beyond the classroom setting. Students are supported in their growing independence while receiving consistent support from the faculty. Students are encouraged to take risks in an emotionally safe environment. In keeping with this commitment to support and encouragement, every student is assigned a teacher-mentor through our Advisory Program. This advisor serves as confidante, advocate, and liaison between home and school.

There are many Middle School clubs that provide a wide variety of co-curricular experiences. In addition, class trips, outdoor education, intramurals, and interscholastic athletics help to enhance our comprehensive curriculum.

Academic Highlights

  • Global Studies
  • Daily, yearlong world language instruction
  • Virtual language exchange program
  • Global Concerns Classroom experiences
  • Service Learning classes led by Service Learning Coordinator
  • Global Scholar Certificate pre-requisite, interdisciplinary seminars, The Connected World


A variety of student interests is supported through the clubs in the Middle School. Clubs meet during designated advisory periods so that every student has an

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Each club has a faculty advisor, however, just like in the classroom, the experience is student-centered. Students build leadership skills, practice cooperation and collaboration, and foster school pride through the many extracurricular offerings at LWA.

Current Middle School clubs include:

  • Student Council
  • Multicultural Club
  • Kids Who Care
  • Sports Talk
  • Math Club
  • Yearbook
  • Spanish club

Service Learning

The service learning program at Lawrence Woodmere Academy spans all three divisions, providing our students with many opportunities to demonstrate servitium — as our school motto suggests.

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Lawrence Woodmere Academy was founded with a mission of service to others and is still driven by this principle today. We feel strongly that students should contribute to their community, both in and out of school, as well as engage in social activism. Our curriculum, making use of multiple perspectives, reinforces this understanding and encourages responses to address the needs of others.

The service learning program in the Middle School involves four steps:

  • Having all the children actively develop the plan for service
  • Integrate learning and research associated with the impending service
  • Implement that service plan
  • Work on a reflective follow-up to the actual service

Recent  Middle School service learning programs include supporting the Long Beach soup kitchen and Valentines for Vets.

Our goal is to graduate students who will make service to others a lifelong commitment.

Educational Trips and County Programs

At Lawrence Woodmere Academy, students learn in many settings and structures.

Our class trips encompass all types of learning — from math and science trips to cultural outings — and include local destinations, some of Manhattan’s greatest assets, and other educational destinations up and down the eastern seaboard. All of these situations enhance the learning experience for students throughout the school year, well beyond the classroom walls.

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  • Middle School’s 5th and 6th grades go on Outdoor Education trips that provide opportunities for students to visit environmental camps.  They learn about nature and how to get along in natural surroundings.  Students enjoy team-building activities and the time they spend together.
  • Seventh and eighth graders visit Boston and Washington D.C. (on alternating years) to coincide with their learning of government and history.  Trips to Boston include visits to Boston Harbor and live the history of the Boston Tea Party.  The trips to Washington D.C. allow students to relive the birth of the country.
  • The Bronx Zoo is a science trip for the seventh graders studying life.  Students love to view all of the different habitats and adaptations.
  • Other trips include the Anti-Bias consortium annual Book Talk, where they read a book in common with other middle school students from Nassau County and then spend a day where a book discussion is the focus and where they also get to spend time with like-minded students who are working to understand and combat bias of all kinds.
  • A significant number of our music students participate in All-County bands and choruses for Nassau County.