Headmaster’s Message

At Lawrence Woodmere Academy we are proud to support the educational values that inspired our founding families a century ago. Academic excellence, responsiveness to the individual needs of all students, and a nurturing atmosphere that is fueled by a 6:1 ratio of students to teachers are all core values of our school today as it was when we began over 100 years ago.

Today’s Academy also features a program that reflects a global curriculum that we recognize as being essential to the success of our students after graduation. Our development of a Global Curriculum Initiative is a natural progression from our core belief that Lawrence Woodmere Academy should always be a school that fully prepares our graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the world they will inherit. We are proud of the success of decades of alumni who consistently tell us that the education they received at the Academy prepared them well for the future.

As we begin our second century, Lawrence Woodmere Academy is proud to be a leader in global studies. Our Global Scholar Certificate, representing a highly specialized prescribed course of study, will be awarded to deserving students beginning with the Class of 2017. At this moment we are the only independent school in New York offering such a certificate.

We are inspired by the opportunity to develop a curriculum free of externally imposed standards. We have developed a responsive and flexible program that encourages creativity, innovation, collaboration and critical thinking skills. We believe that teaching with a global perspective enables us to help our students become knowledgeable about the diversity of our world and to develop a sense of empathy and understanding that supports a more open and flexible problem solving response when considering challenges presented on a global scale.  We are confident that these skills and concepts will be extremely important to the success of our graduates.

Throughout our program we emphasize the development of good character for all our students. Our Lower and Middle School divisions have selected the theme this year of “polite is right” and there are many well structured opportunities for our students to demonstrate this theme in the life of the school. Our service learning program continues to provide our Upper School students with opportunities to demonstrate compassion and empathy; further developing a mind set of being open to new experiences that will can bring all of us closer together. 

Every morning I greet all of our students with a handshake. We make eye contact and the tone for the day is set. Our students are eager to learn and they feel confident and comfortable in our school setting. We see our school community as a large family devoted to shared goals and aspirations and committed to academic excellence and the importance of giving one’s best effort in all endeavors.

I hope you will contact us soon to learn more about Lawrence Woodmere Academy and come to campus to see for yourself the value of our educational experience.

Alan Bernstein,